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eBook; "The Chronicles Of Dalon"

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Allan Hall's 98,000 word Sci-Fi Romantic Action Thriller; " The Chronicles Of Dalon ".


Looking for Heaven? — Here on Earth? — I don’t think so.
You won’t find it here. But Jim Conner thinks he knows where it is and NASA takes him on a historical journey that will dramatically change the lives of each and every astronaut aboard the Deep Space Shuttle; S.E.A.R.C.H.

One hot August night in Brookhaven, Mississippi, Jim is out on his back patio peering into the void of space with his telescope. Soon after, he detects these strange-looking signals dancing across the screen of his highly sophisticated computer setup—patterns resembling code—He is astounded! A software program he developed; broke the code.

First Contact has now been established. With this in mind and what his wife had told him before she died 10 years earlier; he was led to believe that life did exist somewhere, even after death.

On a NASA website, Jim sought out the area these signals seemed to be coming from which causes some powerful people from the agency to come calling; two men from NASA questioning a picture he downloaded from their website; forcing him to come with them to Texas.

Along the way, the three of them get tangled up with a pretty waitress, a high-speed car chase and a gun-fight that left the Lieutenant and two Russian (KGB) attackers, dead. Soon after, a group of highly specialized astronauts are assembled and NASA launches them from the International Space Station on a highly classified mission to an unknown planet.

On their return flight to earth, death and destruction were now present aboard ship; mixing steamy romance, with immoral sabotage and an unknown crew member that has its country’s honor at stake.

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