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Hello,  and Thank you for your interest> Please choose from the above dropdown list and read on... 

Here, you may choose to help us out;  donating to help pay for charges, incurred in the making our Websites; enabling them to have a more promotional value; allowing us to project them throughout the w orld w ide w eb thus enabling features that don't come with the basic site package.

Again; this will help us get our current film project up and running on our various websites.

If you would like to invest (donate) into our current film projects;

Click  < HERE >   to see the details;  Otherwise read on...

   * Main Film Site; DIEFILMS.com

   * The Wild Wolf Pictures Site; WWP.com

   * Our Set Construction Site; HILL FABRICATION.com

   * My Personal Site;  ALLAN HALL ENTERPRISE.com

   * Facebook Site;  DreamScape International Entertainment

We thank you ;) ... very much in advance for ' any ' donation you may wish to contribute to this Great film project and the websites.

Click  < HERE >  to Donate Now through the official PayPals ' Secure ' site and receive a HD DvD of the "Suddenly Real" Campaign Promo; It contains the Suddenly Real Teaser, Illustrations, Cast and Crew commentary, select a few select Character Auditions we have done; and more...

Here is the list of some of the Promotional "Perks" we offer for your generous donation.

   * HDD or Blu-Ray DvD   Loaded with; [see above]

   * SR Poster - Full Size; Color w/Autograph  (approx 21 x 17 inches) ready to frame

   * Coffee Cup - w/ SR Logo (Black - Large or Mug; X-L)

   * Tee-Shirt - w/SR Logo on back or front (M / L / X-L) Black or White.

   * Flash Drive - 8-10GB (Loaded with the DvD items) [see above]

(Estimated delivery; May 15, 2015) 

Click here  NOW  to Donate :) 

Send your Size(s) of Tee-Shirts (M / L / X-L), Size of Coffee Cups (L / Mug), Type of DvD (HDD / Blu-Ray) if applicable.

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